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A blends of vitamins, minerals and wellmune which is a natural supplement clinically proven to help strengthen the immune system. It contains vitamin c, zinc and elderberry.

As pharmacists we are consistently asked by customers for advice on the best vitamins to take for energy, to help fight off colds and flus and to feel 100%. What most people are looking for is something to support their immune system.

As health care professionals we believe that diet and lifestyle are the pillars for good health,and that supplements should only be taken when needed and supported by scientific evidence at safe doses.

There is so much on the market now it is hard for consumers to decide what they actually need.

Active immune contains wellmune which is clinically proven to help immune system and promote healthy energy levels.

Our vitamin D supplement has so many important functions to support a healthy body. It is key for bone health, maintaining normal bones and supporting a healthy immune system.

As a nation, many of us are deficient¬†in Vitamin D due to¬†our distance from the equator and lack of sunlight, that is why it’s important to take a Vitamin D supplement.

B vitamins which are important for energy production and helps keep the immune system strong, elderberry has been shown to support immune defences

Active immune is scientifically formulated to help support and boost your immune system –

It is suitable for everyone over 18-helping to support a healthy immune system to let everyone feel their best with easy to take effective nutritional targeted support that is backed by science.