• What makes Pharma Plus different to other supplement brands on the market?

    As Pharmacists, we believe that when it comes to supplements, we should all only take what we need, when we need it. ⁣

    This is why Pharma Plus products were created to suit specific, commonly-encountered supplement needs, with every ingredient carefully selected, and included in the right dosage to give a therapeutic effect.⁣

    Every product is based on extensive scientific research, designed to be easily absorbed by the body, and to provide a pleasant daily supplement experience. (Supplements only work when we take them, after all)⁣

    With over 20 years' experience helping patients in the Pharmacy setting with their supplement needs, we set out to inform people that more is not always better, and that many vitamin products contain an excess of ingredients without sufficient evidence of health benefit and with other ingredients oftentimes in sub-therapeutic doses.⁣

    Trust Pharma Plus to be your only supplement solution, created with you in mind.

  • Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

    As Qualified Healthcare Professionals, we believe that diet and lifestyle are the pillars for good health and that supplements should only be taken when needed, to complement a healthy, balanced lifestyle, and should be supported by scientific evidence, at safe, effective doses.