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Pharma Plus - All Products

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Pharma Plus - Active Immune Berry

Active Immune -


Pharma Plus - Active Immune Peach and Mango

Active Immune -
Peach and Mango


Pharma Plus - Active Immune Teen

Active Immune -


Pharma Plus - Omega 3

Omega 3 -
1000 Mg


Pharma Plus - Vitamin D

Vitamin D3 -
1000 iu


Why Pharma Plus!

Why Pharma Plus is different to other supplements on the market ?

Pharma Plus is created by pharmacists with the intention of creating cleaner vitamins with proven health benefits and not overloading on vitamins that aren’t necessary.

So many vitamins out there have an excess of vitamins that aren’t offering any health benefit many in subtherapeutic doses and just aren’t needed .

Pharma plus working together

Recommended by Healthcare Professionals

As health care professionals we believe that diet and lifestyle are the pillars for good health and that supplements should only be taken when needed and supported by scientific evidence at safe doses.